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Does Valhal.la like to co/ck/?

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Rustled this up tonight.

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We live in a dormitory. Not only do I wish for us to have a kitchen of our own, but I also wish to have the time to cook at all. I expressly purchase food that requires minimal preparation because I lack the time to cook anything sophisticated, and I prefer not to share a kitchen with others. I suppose, in the end, that it is just not as important to me as other matters, for other tenants, who are also students, do frequently cook simple meals. Perhaps when I have fewer things on my mind.

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Oh, I posted with the wrong tripcode. The one used in this post, as opposed to the one I am replying to, would be the correct one.

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Cooking makes life meaningful. So does beer.

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These are usually prepared by adding hot water only, but I add some butter, an egg, and various of my own seasonings before adding the hot water. The egg gets cooked if your water is hot enough, and the butter melts to make a far-superior version of the usual thing. It's a lot more like a soup rather than just hot water and some noodles.

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Disgusting, even this cheap shit is superior to Maruchan. I tried Maruchan over in the US; ew.

I've come to like the Nissin cup noodles too though, they introduced them here recently. Though I'd never make them in the plastic bowl. Ceramic ftw.

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I do not always eat food, but when I do, it comes with pretzels.

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Knock off of the real thing.

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Just made some grits. Do other people eat grits, or is it only me?

Never seen anyone on the internet eat grits.

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Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics and eat a bunch of fast food with your tulpas.

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Can I join?

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Sure. I can't eat all this in one sitting anyway.

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Would this not be "the basics"? I cannot seem to find McDonald's on any food pyramid. I must be looking in the wrong places.

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