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* Restructured CSS
* Added RSS feed (/recent.xml, or on "Recent Activity")


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File: 1506874852517.png (172.5 KiB, 979x499)

* More CSS fiddling.

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I would suggest that you ensure the text in message items is not unnecessarily wrapped, as is currently the case. Please see the Image Thread for an example.

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File: 1515804802929.png (532.04 KiB, 1314x962)

* Homepage overhaul
* /about.html updates

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File: 1516087370828.png (54.25 KiB, 893x586)

* Changed some colors to improve readability
* Changed word-wrapping behavior
* Fixed JavaScript errors; post quoting works properly now (thanks gooper)
* Pages now display the thread subject in the title (instead of the comment)
* Subject field automatically populated when in Reply mode
* Added >>>/archive/


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What's the need for that? Isn't who I'm replying to already clear?

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So I can change it to be funny, like this. That's really the only reason.

I'm not really sure why I decided on that. A number of forum softwares manage thread subjects like this, though. Why not us too?

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File: 1518194600835.png (119.97 KiB, 924x901)

* Added the suggestions made by goopman ( >>120 )
* Removed the far-right column for "[View Thread]" (now you click the subject instead)
* Cross-board links are now working (use three ">" instead of two, e.g. >>>/file/1)

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File: 1518223482971.png (156.07 KiB, 1183x871)

* CSS Overhaul (thanks gooper)
* News entries now may appear on the homepage when relevant
* Blotter messages will now appear on the homepage, instead of only on board pages

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File: 1518396120744.png (169.18 KiB, 1832x877)

So we're doing an advertising campaign over on the tulpa.info forms. It's only temporary, but hopefully it will increase site traffic.

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If you're taking suggestions, mobile site is usable but could definitely do with some refining.

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File: 1519698082220.gif (19.45 KiB, 478x60)

The logo in the two ads is in a slightly different spot why.

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I'd really like to get around to making the mobile site more usable, but that would require me to rewrite a goodly amount of the stylesheet. I make little improvements when I can.

If you've already looked at the stylesheet yourself and have a specific suggestion, I'm all ears. Most of the fixes come from specific user suggestions.


Ha, wondered when somebody would notice that. Sorry.

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File: 1520372010112.png (483.34 KiB, 1080x989)


Only specific recomendation I have is to always put text under images so that text doesn't get squished beside it, see image.

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File: 1520381276066.png (99.29 KiB, 646x331)


What browser are you using to make it look like that? This is what it looks like for me.

It's good, depending on what browser you use. It would be great if it looked good in every browser and setup, which is the real challenge, and something I haven't yet figured out how to do. Yet.

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File: 1521350295427.png (98.9 KiB, 295x352)

It's mostly fixed in Chrome now though https://valhal.la/chat/res/1.html#19 is still kinda ugly in both Chrome and Firefox.

Pic related is somewhat acceptable in Chrome, but like this in Firefox.

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File: 1522897468661.png (11.31 KiB, 233x173)

Hi guys. I'm barely alive between school and family obligations.

* Added >>>/media/ and >>>/photo/ and >>>/tulpa/ and >>>/games/ and >>>/woods/
* Updated/restructured /about.html
* Added privacy policy
* Name is now auto-populated

Tentative list of future features:

* Searching!
Vichan/TB already has this feature for admins/moderators. I need to try to manipulate the current script to adapt it for user purposes.

* More boards
>>>/media/ might even get split into other boards at some point. My policy is going to be that I'll add new boards as user interest becomes visibly more pertinent. E.g. if people start mostly posting about anime on /media/, then I'll make a dedicated anime board.

* Themes
This can already be done pretty easily with the user-script package (>>>/file/8). You can get themes from other imageboards that share a heritage with Valhal.la (i.e. wizchan, lainchain, 8chan, &c.). It's possible I'll make a few Valhal.la-specific themes and hard-code them into the site.

Regarding the crappy-looking wrapping in some places - it's fixed as well as I can fix it for now. There are some old posts that still look bad, but all new posts should at least look acceptable on WebKit browsers.

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File: 1522944841275.png (27.77 KiB, 208x572)

* We iframe now
* Removed redundant content from the main page
* Added inline expansion to main.js

It's buggy but usable right now. Feedback appreciated.

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