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Hello. My name is Komalleana. You may call me Koma.

Per the request of this website's owner, "Tom", I am publishing a series of audio and video files that I assembled. They mimick the effect of what is called "brainwave entrainment" and are identical in function to media such as isochronic tones. They are based upon another series of videos created by a user named Fede. However, I was dissatisfied with them because of their harsh sound and lack of audio-only or visual-only versions, and decided to create my own based on his. I am posting my result in the hope that it will be useful. I have provided archives compressed using the LZMA2 algorithm if you want to download several files at once. You may find the files in the following link:


The original videos, created by Fede, can be found here:


The picture is not related; I just like ice cream.

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