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All my parts are finally in

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File: 1512532092062.jpg (3.41 MiB, 4032x3024)

I wanted some sort of cloth over the rubber feet of the case. It's going to sit in a place that makes the back irritating to reach, so being able to slide it easily will be a plus.

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Excellent mouse.

What's the plan for cable management?

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File: 1518300380246.jpg (1.21 MiB, 1440x1920)

I recently redid some of the chaotic wiring in my machine. I have a fan power distribution PCB that I had just slapped in, and that small box to the right wasn't a box yet either. All nicely in place now.

Also notice the high tech fresh air duct. Helps my CPU be 5-10°C lower.

Some time I need to take it all apart, plan the cabling properly and re-paste the CPU, too. Also get a proper cooler.

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